The ideal home office begins with choosing the right desk. - Venini Furniture

The ideal home office begins with choosing the right desk.

In the last few months we have had the vast majority to work from home. Possibly something we weren't prepared for. Many of us try to create a functional, comfortable workspace that will help us to be more productive.

To achieve this, the first step is to have the correct desk and chair. Here you will surely find among the Venini designs, one that works for you.
Discover five of our favorites:

Hold Everything

Rustic meets industrial in this desk with an antique nutmeg finish and sturdy black metal base. Featuring four roomy drawers, along with a built-in bookshelf, this unique style delivers maximum storage with a minimal aesthetic.

Stand And Deliver

Love the idea of a standing desk, but can’t commit to staying on your feet all day? This height-adjustable desk offers flexibility. Sawhorse-style legs in shiny chrome pair beautifully with a tempered glass top that raises or lowers in two-inch increments for custom comfort.

File It Away

This double-duty piece features a desk and filing cabinet in one. You’ll enjoy ample work space, plus plenty of room for storing everything from invoices to office supplies. It’s available in white, cappuccino, or weathered gray to complement any décor.

Shelf Life

Keep all your essentials in sight and close at hand with a desk that offers plenty of open storage compartments. A gunmetal finish frame designed with geometric shapes creates a striking silhouette in any home office.

Less Is More

Prefer living in a paperless world with minimal clutter? This chic, simple desk features sleek lines and x-shaped accents for architectural appeal. Plus, the eye-catching grey herringbone wood surface makes a bold statement, no embellishments required.

Down To Business

Creating a foundation for your home workspace starts with the right desk. Whether you’re focused on features or searching for styles to complement your décor, our wide variety ensures that you’ll find your perfect match.

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