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Neutrals colors are not boring

We’ll show you how neutrals make it easy to create a space that reflects your style and personality.

In principle decorating a house can be a little scary. You think that the more colors the better the decoration could be seen. And it may be true, but do you know what is also true? Neutral colors are also an incredible job.

In the end you realize that a simplified palate with just one or two neutral colors can be more pleasing to the eye and provide a calmer and more relaxing environment. But perhaps you are nervous about creating a house that feels sterile or boring. Check out some of our favorite tips for perfect balance with neutral colors, from black and white to gray, brown, and beige.

Made In The Shade

Enrich your space by building layers of the same color in slightly different shades. Think of white walls with ivory curtains, add a cream sofa and gray blue rug to tie the room together. Plus, you can add depth to any room using a variety of wood grains, combining cherry with mahogany or walnut with maple.

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Color Inside The Lines

A pop of color in an otherwise neutral room elevates the entire space. You can easily accessorize with everything from lamps and vases to throw pillows and art. Whether you opt for a subtle pastel or bright jewel tone, a little color goes a long way.

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Shape Up

When there’s little variation in color, interesting shapes make a major visual impact. Whether it’s an accent chair or end table, an abstract sculpture or geometric bookshelf, shapes are a fun way to put a unique spin on your space.

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The Finishing Touch

Easily add dimension to neutral rooms with your favorite textural details. From fuzzy blankets to sleek metallic surfaces, velvet upholstery to warm wood accents, when it comes to textures, the more the merrier.

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Neutral Palate—4 Ways

Mid-century modern to industrial, rustic to glam—check out four of our favorite ideas for incorporating neutrals into any decor style.

- Mid-century modern

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 - Industrial

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- Rustic

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- Glam

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With neutral colors, a little imagination, and a few key accents, you’ll easily transform any room into a relaxing space you can’t wait to come home to.

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