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Venice Velvet Bed

The Venice Bed is a stunning design from top to bottom.   From its tufted headboard and curved edges to the enclosed boxed base, the Venice Bed is a statement suitable for any Bedroom.

  • Designed and Made By Venini | Our own Factory ensuring Quality
  • 72 Slat Base System | Compared the normal unsupportive 26-34 Slat System
  • King, Queen, Double, and Single Size Available
  • Velvet Material 
  • Storage System Available | Designed for Venini Mattresses

Slat System Re-Imagined

Slat systems that are commonly used are only 2 bays and have between 26-34 slats.  After checking Mattress Warranties  we found these systems would render your Mattress Warranty null and void.  So, we designed our own.  Introducing the 4 Bay, 72 Slat System Exclusively Designed By Venini.