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Naples Bed


One of the latest designs in Venini’s exclusive 2018 range of bedroom furniture. Slim, sophisticated and stylish. The V-1727 bed combines an ultra slim-line headboard with a modern sleek bed frame and raised legs. Covered in your choice of luxurious leather or commercial grade fabric, the V-1727 bed can be customized and made to suit your lifestyle.

Quick Information

  • 72 Slat Base System compared the normal unsupported 34 Slat System
  • Available in Leather, Fabric 
  • Super King, King, Queen, Double, and Single Sizes Available

Slat System Re-Imagined

When we started producing our own beds the best system available was 26 slats and only two bays.   After checking the fine print of Mattress Warranties around the world we found these systems would render your Mattress Warranty null and void.  So, we designed our own.  Introducing the 4 Bay, 72 Slat System Exclusively Designed By Venini. This superior slat system will support your mattress to ensure years of quality sleep night after night.

Wake up ready conquer the day

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep, you’ll love the quality of our Beds.   The superior support provided by the Venini Slat System means no more sagging or broken slats holding you back from the best nights sleep.