Seville LED Chandelier Gold CH-007-G
DESCRIPTION The Seville LED Chandelier (by Finesse Decor) is a dynamic chandelier that features wave-like bands of aluminum and silicone.  LED  50 WATTS  4000K  4500 LUMMENS HANGING LENGTH (WIRE INFO): 1'-12'
Amsterdam LED Table Lamp Silver TL-00-6102
DESCRIPTION Table lamp Light:4000K 15W LEDFinish:SilverSize D:20CM H:65CMFunction: Touch switch
$399.00 $299.00
Amsterdam LED Table Lamp Chrome TL-00-6096
DESCRIPTION Finesse Décor brings you the iconic Amsterdam LED Table Lamp. This innovative LED lamp is perfect for any bedside table or office space. LED 15 WATTS 4000K 1650 LUMMENS Touch On/ off Switch
Hamburg LED Table Lamp // Gold TL-001-G
DESCRIPTION The Hamburg LED Table Lamp is a multi-functional lamp and can be used for different types of lighting needs. This Finesse Decor dimmable lamp can be used for mood lighting, as a reading light, or to completely illuminate a...
Modern Spiral LED Floor Lamp - FN-1152
DESCRIPTION Modern, Sophistication, Luxury, these are all ways of describing what a Finesse Decor can do for your home decoration and lighting needs. This white desk lamp shade will show your guests just how serious you take interior decorating is...
Dianya Chandelier 12 Light CH-1165-12
DESCRIPTION Finesse Decor's 12 light Diayni Chandelier is bordered with a sleek silver metal while being enhanced with ravishing crystal blocks to embellish the overall look.  LED 5 WATTS 12 BULBS 4000K 4500 LUMMENS HANGING LENGTH (WIRE INFO): UP TO...
Crystal Chandelier Double Helix 12 Light FN-1104
DESCRIPTION Finesse Decor presents the beautiful Double Helix Chandelier with long crystal detailing for a very opulent aesthetic. LED GU10 5 WATTS 12 BULBS  4000K  5880 LUMMENS HANGING LENGTH (WIRE INFO): 110"
Sparkling Night Chandelier Vertical XL 25 Light FN-1133-25
DESCRIPTION Finesse Décor brings you this beautiful Sparkling Night Chandelier (Vertical) with 10 extra large  crystal lights. This grand fixture is featured in a polished chrome finish, and will brighten any space with its sparkling crystal pendants. LED GU10 SOCKET...
Sparkling Night Chandelier XL 5 Light FN-1133-5
DESCRIPTION The five light Sparkling Night Chandelier has a superior design that is very daring yet sharp. The extra large crystal blocks give this Finesse Decor favorite a dramatic and classy effect. LED GU10 SOCKET 3 WATTS 5 BULBS 4000K ...
Bucharest LED Chandelier Sandy Gold CH-003
DESCRIPTION The remarkable Bucharest LED Chandelier is a futuristic yet contemporary chandelier that has a very delicate touch to it. This lightweight Finesse Decor lamp is easy to carry, making it easy for you to place it in any room. ...
Sparkling Night Chandelier XL 13 Light FN-1133-13
DESCRIPTION A lavish chandelier, The Sparkling Night Chandelier is the perfect statement piece. With thirteen extra large crystal lights, it's a chandelier you can't miss! Every chord is adjustable to satisfy your unique style needs! A great product presented by...
Chandelier LED Crystal Chrome FN-1141-C
DESCRIPTION This lamp is adorned by crystal and chrome cylinders and other hanging crystals. It's retro-chic style is a perfect statement piece for any home or office room.
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